MAGA ‘prophet’ asks God to send ‘one more bad boy billionaire’ to join Trump and Elon Musk in saving America

During a recent livestream, pro-Trump pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” Lance Wallnau prayed to God, asking him to send another narcissistic billionaire to join Elon Musk and Donald Trump and help save America.

“Lord, we pray for Elon and we pray for Donald, and I pray that you complete that with a third billionaire,” he said. “Lord, we need one more bad boy billionaire raised up — we got Elon, I pray you save him and give him Christians around him … that will really get his heart and mind engaged with the radical Jesus.”

Wallnau went on to say the Trump once prayed the “Sinner’s Prayer,” but may have never been filled with the “Holy Ghost.”

“I pray, he needs to have a Pentocostal encounter, Lord!” Wallnua prayed. “I don’t want to have the smell of smoke on him for the next two or three years, we want him supernaturally sanctified by the power of God. Save and fill him, Lord God!”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:


Sky Palma

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