MAGA YouTuber gets jail time for pocketing over $300K of her ailing mother’s social security checks

Conservative commentator Karyn Turk, a former Miss Florida, was sentenced to one month in jail and five months of house arrest after pleading guilty to alleged Social Security fraud in September. Turk, an avid supporter of Donald Trump, was charged with pocketing her mother’s Social Security checks instead of sending them to the nursing home that was caring for her elderly mother who was suffering from dementia, the Sun-Sentinel reports. The elderly woman died on June 10.

This has also erupted in a fusillade of civil court lawsuits — the nursing home, her mother’s court-appointed guardian, and lawyers for the guardian are all suing Turk in hopes of collecting at least $320,000 — the amount they say Turk owes them.

Turk has returned the favor, by suing the nursing home for negligence.

She took to Twitter Friday, the day after her sentencing, which also requires her to work 100 hours in a nursing home and had this to say:

“Look beyond the headlines. There’s always more to the story. Nursing home neglect is real.”

Turk, a resident of Palm Beach County, remains free while she appeals her case but is due to report to prison March 2. She pleaded guilty on September 27, just one day after she hosted a fundraiser for Trump’s crony and self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” Roger Stone, in hopes of raising money for his legal defense. Stone was charged — and convicted of lying to Congress, obstructing a congressional investigation, and witness tampering. Sentencing is scheduled for February 20 and he faces up to 50 years in federal prison.

Prosecutors say that Turk began taking money from her mother’s social security account soon after being named her as her representative payee in January 2015. Over time the nursing home bill swelled to nearly one-quarter million dollars and Turk stopped visiting her mother as demands for payment grew more insistent. The nursing home then requested a court-appointed guardian to care for her mother in July 2018. That request was granted and a month later the court stipulated that Turk must buy clothes for the elderly woman.

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