Maher and Silverman slam Millennials supporting Gary Johnson: ‘He’s a f*cking idiot’

This Friday on Real Time, host Bill Maher and guest Sarah Silverman pondered why 29 percent of Millennials – many of whom were Bernie fans – switched their vote to Gary Johnson over Hillary Clinton.

Silverman, who switched her allegiance from Bernie to Hillary, declared that Hillary is the best candidate to help former Bernie voters reach their goals.

“He needs an ally in office. That’s why I don’t understand these ‘Bernie or Bust’ people,” Silverman said. “I don’t know what their long game is. I don’t know what their perfect dream scenario is.”

Maher was a little more direct.

“Gary Johnson is a f*cking idiot,” Maher said. “I like him. He’s a nice guy. But he’s another in my basket of f*cking idiots… We thought he was a cool guy — you know he smokes pot, he was for pot. He does not make pot look good, by the way.”

Maher then showed a video montage of blunders committed by Johnson on the campaign trail and gave one final address to Bernie Millennials.

“He’s for nothing that you f*cking people want.”


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