Man arrested after holding salesmen at gunpoint because he thought they were ‘antifa’

A Colorado man was arrested on Thursday after he held two door-to-door roofing salesmen at gunpoint because he thought they were members of “antifa,” ABC7 reports.

Scott Gudmundsen, 65, called the police to tell them that two members of antifa were going door-to-door in his neighborhood, saying that he planned to follow them and detain them until police arrived. When officers arrived on the scene, Gudmundsen was dressed in military tactical gear and was holding the two men at gunpoint with a rifle.

In actuality, the men were roofing salesmen in their twenties doing inspections after a recent hailstorm. According to ABC7, one of the men, who is black, is a student and athlete at Colorado State University. The men were wearing shirts that clearly displayed the name of the company they work for.

According to The News&Observer, the man who owns the roofing company where the two men are employed says they were rattled by the incident.

“I have spoken to both teammates and they are understandably shaken,” Chris Tulp said in a statement. “I want to respect their space. With that said, we intend to stand up for the members of our team who are hard-working, honest, charitable, good people. We are proud of them and deeply saddened that they were subjected to this horrific incident and will stick-with and support them in any way necessary to ensure justice is served.”

Gudmundsen was arrested and charged with felony menacing and false imprisonment. Police say he was armed with two Glock semi-automatic pistols.

Gudmundsen’s son spoke to 9News and said his father is currently “undergoing treatment at a mental health facility.”

“Our sincerest thoughts go out to the two salesmen and we apologize to them and their families for the actions of our father and wish them well,” Stanley Gudmundsen wrote in an email to 9News.

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