Justice Served

Man calls bar bouncer the N-word and spits in his mouth — bouncer responds by breaking the man’s mouth

An out-of-towner visiting a bar in Boston, MA, decided he wanted to ignore a request to not smoke in the bar’s restaurant area and instead hurled racial epithets at an off-duty bouncer who dropped by to see if he could pick up a shift. As Boston’s Universal Hub points out, the man then spit in the bouncer’s mouth, resulting in a fight that sent the man to the hospital to have his jaw wired shut.

At a Boston Licensing Board hearing this Tuesday, police and employees of Lucky’s Lounge say the man lit up a cigarette as his cousin went to get their car as they were leaving. When one bouncer told him smoking wasn’t allowed, the man got in the face of another bouncer who’d stopped to see if the bar needed any extra help. Lucky’s General Manager Nicholas Burns testified that the man got irate, began hurling racial epithets, spit in the off-duty bouncer’s mouth, and a fight ensued.

A Boston Police officer testified that he visited the man in the hospital to get his side of the story, but was unsuccessful since the man “because he was lying on a gurney in a hallway with his jaw wired shut because of the damage done to it,” according to Universal Hub.

“I don’t know any human being who would not defend themselves under those circumstances,” the bouncer testified.

The board will now have to decide whether Lucky’s Lounge could have avoided the fight and, if so, whether it will receive any sort of penalty.

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