Man caught on video punching two women in the face is arrested by police

A man who was caught on video punching two women during a confrontation at a Downtown Los Angeles hot dog stand has been arrested by the LAPD, NBC Los Angeles reports.

Arka Sangbarani Oroojian, 30, turned himself in to police on Tuesday and was booked on “suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.” His bond has been set at $90,000.

In the video, Oroojian can be seen striking the women as they lunge at him, knocking them down repeatedly. He then escapes by running up the street through traffic.

According to one of the women, Oroojian was being combative with the hot dog vendor over the price. When he continued to escalate the situation, the woman and her friend decided to intervene.

“Me and my friend said something like, ‘Just leave,'” the woman said according to NBCLA.

That’s when Oroojian allegedly started swinging.


The woman–a nursing student who also works as a therapist for children on the autism spectrum–suffered a bruise to her jaw. Her friend was also injured. Another friend drove them to a downtown hospital where they were treated and released.

The father of one of the women, Mike Watson, said that Oroojian was itching for a fight.

“Eventually, one of the vendors tells this guy, who is clearly wanting to start a fight with someone, to just take the hot dog and leave,” Watson said in a written statement to NBCLA. “The guy would not leave the hot dog guy alone. (The women) said something to him in attempts to get him to leave thus, standing up for the vendor.”

Oroojian’s attorney, Chris Reyes, says his client is “remorseful” over the incident.

“This is an isolated incident,” Reyes said. “There are no priors.”

Featured image via screen grab/NBCLA

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