Man caught on video threatening woman for cutting him off: ‘I’m gonna hold my foot down on your throat’

A video posted to Reddit this weekend shows a road rage incident that reportedly took place in Kansas, where a man pulled up alongside a woman and threatened to physically assault her because she allegedly cut him off.

“You f****ing cut me off you dirty little c****,” man tells the woman as she records him with her cellphone, to which the woman calmly replies, “No I didn’t.”

“You filming this? I’m gonna follow you wherever you go,” the man continues.

“And what you gonna do about it?” the woman asks.

“I’m gonna kick the sh** out of you. I’m gonna hold my foot down on your throat until you gasp for air,” the man replies before telling the woman to pull into a nearby parking lot.

In the comments, the person who posted the video says the incident took place on April 24th while she was on her way to school and began when “a white pickup truck began driving aggressively near me, actively trying to run me off the road.”

“The man driving pulled up to my passenger windows, rolled his window down and proceeded to bash my car with his fist. I scrambled to get my phone to record and this is what I filmed. I found out a couple days ago, that’s the Overland Park district attorney dropped all charges against this man. But still wanted to bring awareness and share my story.”

Watch the video below:

Kansas man threatens to beat and choke a young woman for "cutting him off" (OP story in comments)
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