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Man demonstrates how being close to vaccinated people makes him ‘magnetic’ — and fails miserably

During Friday’s edition of the right-wing, anti-vax, bogus Covid cure-promoting Stew Peters Show, a guest claimed that his body has become “magnetic” simply due to the fact that he’s been hanging around vaccinated people. At one point, the man tried to demonstrate his magnetism, which resulted in a somewhat awkward display.

The segment addressed the alleged “severe side effects” of vaccines, and the guest, Scott Taylor, said his close proximity to vaccinated family members has caused him to notice an “odd development.” The show’s host, Stew Peters, then showed photos sent to him by Taylor showing coins and other metal objects stuck to his face.

According to Taylor, “all kinds of metals — copper, gold, silver, actual magnets, a steel wrench, plastic … aluminum, zinc” now stick to his body, adding that the only thing that has changed in his life before this phenomenon started happening was when fully vaccinated people started coming into his vicinity.

At one point, Peters asked him if he had anything nearby that he can use to demonstrate his magnetic properties. Without missing a beat, Taylor picked up a coin and tried to stick it to his forehead, but it immediately fell off.

After a few more tries, he finally got the coin to stick to his head — as I did after trying it my myself. The fact is, things stick to our bodies because our skin is sometimes oily or sticky, or whatever.

“So these things stick all over your body?” Peters asked.

“Certain parts, and other parts not,” Taylor replied. “Nothing on the lower extremities.”

Taylor went on to say that he and his wife take a “variety of supplements” to try to ward off being magnetized by “vaccine-shedding” people. Taylor’s wife then tried to demonstrate her magnetism as well, but couldn’t get anything to stick on her chest until her husband pressed a magnet into her skin, finally getting it to stay there.

“Clearly this is actually going on,” Peters said while lamenting the “mainstream media” for calling it a conspiracy theory. “This is the first time that I’ve actually seen it live in front of me.”

You can watch the full video here. The relevant portion begins at around 49:57.

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