Man goes on antisemitic rant during California city council meeting — mayor shuts him down

A city council meeting in Sacramento, California, went off the rails this Tuesday when a man took the podium and made antisemitic remarks before the city’s mayor forcefully cut him off, CBS Sacramento reported.

“Just because you hate the truth does not make a white person who tells it is hateful,” the man said as people in the room jeered.

“Antisemitism used to mean someone who hates all Jews, now it means someone who is hated by Jew bankers,” the man said.

“See you later, pal!” Mayor Darrell Steinberg can be heard saying, interrupting the man. “We don’t want to hear any more from you!”

The man continued to try to speak as others in the room shouted him down, some calling him a “Nazi.”

When the man’s time was up, Mayor Steinberg cut him off.

“Your time is up,” Steinberg declared. Sit down! Get out!”

“It’s unacceptable to me for anyone to spout not only anti semitism but racism, sexism, homophobia in any way and any form,” Steinberg said the next day.”

“Whatever first amendment right people have to spout hate. Those on the receiving end have a first amendment right to get right back at them,” Steinberg added. “And that’s what I did. I showed a little emotion last night. I don’t apologize for it.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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