Man screams out ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ spoiler, gets his ass handed to him

A 20-year-old man ruined the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, for Bakersfield movie goers waiting in line when he shouted its ending while exiting the theater.

Raymond Chatfield, who dressed in a Rebel pilot costume for movie series, yelled a key spoiler to a hundred-or-so fans waiting for the next show and immediately received an all-so-sweet beat down.

“I was waiting in line to see the 10pm showing,” said Robert Selvidge. “Then this snot-nose kid walks past the line, shouts out the ending and starts laughing. He totally ruined the movie for everyone…what a jerk!”

Via Epicstream
Via Epicstream

Three fans, dressed as Boba Fett, a Wookiee, and a Stormtrooper, approached Chatfield and began to assault him as onlookers’ joy turned to shock.

“I saw it all. This guy shouts out the spoiler right? Within 15 seconds he was on the ground getting his ass stomped.” said one unnamed witness. “At first the crowd was cheering them on, and I think that made it worse. They beat him up for a solid 5 minutes, kicking him in the balls, punching him in the gut, bitch-slapping him…eventually people got quiet. Even I was like, okay…enough yo.”

Police did not arrest the three men and were still allowed to attend that night’s screening.

“We view this as justifiable assault,” said police chief Greg Richardson. “May the Force be with you.”

Update: 12/19/15 — This story is unconfirmed, and has been shared on numerous questionable websites, including this one.

Featured image via epicstream.

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