Man sues Olive Garden after biting into a rat’s severed foot while he was eating

A Michigan man is suing Olive Garden after he alleged found a rat’s foot in his food while dining with friends, The New York Post reported.

“I felt something stab me in the mouth, and I wasn’t sure the first thought was a needle,” said Thomas Howie, 54.

According to the lawsuit, Howie gagged after trying to swallow the sharp object, which got hooked to the inside of his cheek.

Moments later, Howie said he vomited once he realized what it was that he nearly ingested.

“It was so gross and disgusting I couldn’t control myself,” he said. “My stomach just heaved…I threw up right in the restaurant.”

According to Howie, he reported the incident to police. When officers arrived at the restaurant, he showed them the severed animal foot, which he spit into a soup bowl, according to the complaint.

“Even the cops were gagging,” Howie said in the complaint.

Howie is seeking $25,000 in damages.

Image via The New York Post.

Sky Palma

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