Man whips out cellphone camera when he realizes neighborhood Jehovah’s Witness is a convicted sex offender

When YouTuber/Redditor Roman Vargas found out that a man named Waymon Chandler Ivery was making the door-to-door rounds as a Jehovah’s Witness in his neighborhood, he got his cellphone camera out and confronted the man.

In 1992, Ivery was convicted of first-degree sexual assault on a child.

According to Hermant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist, Vargas was told by a Jehova’s Witness friend a few years ago that Ivery was living in his neighborhood. In addition, a Facebook post warning the community about Ivery was also clear in Vargas’ memory, so he had little trouble identifying him.

The prospect of a pedophile going door-to-door in his neighborhood was a bit much for Vargas, so he took action.

As Vargas approached Ivery, the ex-convict denied the allegations at first, but soon scrambled to get in the van with his fellow Witnesses. A Witness in the van sitting to the right of Ivery put his hands in his head as if to say, “Wow, we really f*cked up.”

Writing for JW Survey, a blog dedicated to giving a voice to former Jehovah’s Witnesses, Covert Fade points out that JWs allowing a convicted sex offender to freely knock on doors is a serious problem:

… Ivery was not approached while shopping for food, or watching a movie, or even strolling along a busy street minding his own business. He was approached because he was engaged in a work that involves him calling at the homes of his neighbors.

I spent almost thirty years of my life engaged in the door to door ministry of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and can report that it is not uncommon for the door to be answered by a young child. I know that very often in this situation, the Witness will ask: “Hello. Can I speak to Mommy or Daddy please?”

Often the child would then run to get their parents, but I personally saw a handful of moments where the child replied: “They are not home.”

… can you imagine how the scenario might have played out if the Witness on the doorstep was a predator struggling with a long-term desire to harm children?

No one is denying that Ivery paid his debt to society.

 “It’s one thing to forgive Ivery for his crimes. It’s another to ignore them entirely.”

Watch the video below:

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