Man who farted on a bus shoots passenger 4 times who he thought was laughing at him

A passenger on a Las Vegas bus opened fire after he thought other passengers were laughing about him passing gas, KLAS reported.

Dominic Johnson, 25, was charged with attempted murder and battery, among other charges, in connection to the May 3, 2023, shooting. He was arrested on Sept. 16.

From KLAS:

Johnson was a passenger on the RTC bus when it stopped around 2:30 p.m. on Eastern Avenue near Poppy Lane, documents said. Video shows a person, whom police identified as Johnson, standing up in the back of the bus, drawing a gun from his waistband and pointing it at another passenger.

Johnson then fired four rounds at the passenger before he ran off the bus, police said. The victim sustained wounds to his hand, stomach and leg.

Police later interviewed the shooting victim who told them he and his girlfriend were on the bus and were laughing about a smell when “[he] remembered hearing a loud pop,” documents said.

The victim told police he never spoke with Johnson and had no confrontation with him “and was flabbergasted at what could have caused Johnson to target him in such a violent manner,” police said.

Read the full report over at KLAS.

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