Man who thinks the earth is 6,000-years-old: ‘Libraries are becoming dangerous places for kids’

Creationist Ken Ham, who is well known for establishing the Ark Encounter museum in Kentucky, told his followers on Twitter earlier this week not to let their kids go to libraries.

Ham believes these bastions of learning are dangerous because they dare to have books on their shelves that have LGBTQ characters represented, including in children’s books.

In a series of two tweets, Ham stated that “public libraries are becoming dangerous places for kids (of all ages).” He went on, describing other dangerous places that Christian children have been subjected to.

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“And sadly, the majority of kids from church homes have already had their hearts & minds captured by the enemy through public schools, TV etc.,” he wrote.

Ham concluded his remarks by including a link to an article entitled “A mess on our shelves,” which criticizes libraries for “enthusiastically joining the LGBTQ crusade.”

Ken Ham, himself a former science teacher, may want to do research on this topic a bit more: a super-majority of Americans already side with a pro-LGBTQ “agenda,” one that supports non-discrimination against members of that community, as recent polling has demonstrated.

Ham is a creationist who believes the world is only 6,000 years old, according to reporting from New York Daily News. He also built a replica of Noah’s Ark, though earlier this year Ham had to sue his insurance company for $1 million because part of the property on which the ark sits suffered rain damage over the past year.

As far as libraries go, many studies and other forms of evidence suggest they provide an invaluable resource to children, particularly young minds, when it comes to increasing literacy rates. One study found that, for example, “even if children only come [to libraries] for short periods, those who attend summer library programs read on a higher level than those who do not come at all.”

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