Man with Parkinson’s tries medical marijuana for the first time and the result is astounding

Ride with Larry is a documentary about a man who’s battled Parkinson’s Disease for 20 years. Larry Smith has sought out every conventional method of treatment possible for his condition, even brain surgery.

In an astounding clip from the movie, Larry is introduced to medical marijuana for the first time and the entire moment is caught on film.

At the outset of the clip, a “fellow Parkinson’s patient arrives at Larry’s door with a sample to share. As Larry lets the man in and makes his way over to the couch, his symptoms of uncontrolled movements, tremors and loss of voice are severe.

“It’s been a rough week,” Larry says.

When he takes the cannabis oil, his friend advises him to “relax” and “see what happens.”

Within 5 minutes, his symptoms are remarkably improved.


Featured image via YouTube

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