Man’s reaction to Trump supporter’s outburst is all of us

Before we knew his name, the internet has dubbed him #GreenShirtGuy.

During a city council meeting in Tucson, Arizona this Tuesday, a Trump supporter and her companion protested the city’s “sanctuary city” resolution after the Tucson City Council voted to put it on the November ballot. In a video that has since gone viral, the woman, who was wearing the patented red “MAGA” hat, stood up and declared that Tucson “does not change or defy immigration laws,” while holding a sign that read, “Respect our laws or we will deport you — No sanctuary for criminals.”

As the woman continued to speak, others who were present for the meeting booed and repeatedly told her to “shut up.”

It was then that the camera panned over and revealed a man in a green shirt almost doubling over with laughter.

“You were put in office to protect American citizens. American citizens. Respect our laws,” the woman continued. A police officer then walks into frame and asks the pair to leave. The pair obliged but the woman continued to shout her slogans and Green Shirt Guy continued to laugh.

When the woman accused the city’s mayor of being in “direct violation” of the U.S. Constitution, someone responded, “You’re in direct violation of being a jackass.”

Watch the video below:

According to a report from CBS5AZ, the man’s name is Alex Kack, and he’s a part-time comedian and sanctuary city supporter.

“It’s silly,” he told CBS5. “Everything about the situation … I mean, white supremacy is dangerous, xenophobia is dangerous — they were there making comments that were obviously very nationalistic and, I would say, racist. But at the same time it’s absurd, isn’t it?”

It truly is.

Featured image via screen grab

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