Marco Rubio’s ‘Morning Again in America’ campaign ad opens with a shot of Canada

Marco Rubio’s new campaign ad, “Morning Again in America,” is just as extravagant as you would expect a Marco Rubio campaign ad to be. It’s an ad which promises a metaphorical fresh start for the U.S. after surviving two terms of President Obama diabolically ruining America.

Opening scenes are key for setting the tone of any piece of media, whether it’s a film, TV show, or commercial. Rubio’s ad opens with a dewy and dreamy morning on the coast, faintly brimming with patriotic promise.

The problem is that it’s not a coast you can find anywhere in America. It’s a Canadian coast. The opening shot of the harbor is labeled on Shutterstock as “Vancouver.” However, according to BuzzFeed, the same shot has been confusingly called both “New York” and “San Francisco.”

The image appears to be shot in Vancouver (Via BuzzFeed).

There are a number of identifying markers unique to Vancouver in the shot that give it away. These include the Vancouver Centre Lookout Tower and Canada Place. There is even a Canadian flag flying on one of the boats. Despite the confusion, it is unlikely you would find any of these things in either New York or San Francisco.

The dreamlike timeless charm the Rubio team¬†captured in the ad’s opening shot is very quietly optimistic, but unfortunately for Rubio its the quietly optimistic dawn on the Vancouver coast, and has nothing to do with Rubio’s imagined new American dawn.

Featured image via screen grab

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