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Marjorie Taylor Greene caught on video kicking gun control activist who walked in front of her

This Thursday, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was surrounded by a throng of people questioning her about the 2nd Amendment and gun control. At one point, things got physical between Greene and a gun control activist who walked in front of her.

The video, posted to Twitter by Greene herself, starts out showing the Georgia lawmaker exchanging words with a man walking along side her accusing her of letting children get “killed in schools.” As the two continue to argue, Marianna Pecora walks up to Greene while holding her camera, asking, “How does the 2nd Amendment prevent gun violence?”

As Pecora walks in front of Greene and her entourage, Greene says, “Excuse me” and seemingly gives a slight shove to Pecora, who briefly lurches forward. Greene then seems to give a more forceful kick to back of Pecora’s heel, causing Pecora to lurch forward once again and exclaim, “Oh my God!”

“You’re in the way!” Greene fires back.

Later, Pecora retweeted Greene’s video, writing, “Did she literally just tweet out the video of her kicking me?”

Watch the video below:

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