Marjorie Taylor Greene gets enraged when witness chuckles at her claim that abortion is the ‘real white supremacy’

This Tuesday during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on “left wing violence,” Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene grew visibly angry with a witness who didn’t seem to buy into her notion that the practice of abortion is racist.

Greene, while addressing Integrity First for America executive director Amy Spitalnick, said that since the subject of white supremacy is on the minds of so many progressive activists, they should also be against abortion since “20 million Black babies” have been aborted in America “since Roe vs Wade.”

As Greene was speaking, Spitalnick apparently began to laugh off camera.

“Is this funny to you?” Greene asked while clearly growing angry. “Is babies being murdered in the womb funny to you? Because you’re smirking and laughing at me right now.”

“What’s not funny are the Black people and Hispanic people and Jewish people and Muslim people who have been murdered in synagogues, in church, in supermarkets, in mosques, by white supremacists,” Spitalnick shot back.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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