Marjorie Taylor Greene: News outlets that broadcast the Jan 6 hearings are guilty of ‘collusion’

The first hearing held by the House committee investigating the Capitol riot is set to air on cable news network this Thursday evening, but there’s one network that won’t be airing the spectacle, namely Fox News.

“Instead, the network will stick with its prime-time lineup of opinionated conservative hosts: Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, who have repeatedly downplayed the assault as a mere ‘footnote’ to American history and tried to discredit the congressional inquiry as a ruse to ‘purge’ former President Donald J. Trump and his supporters from the Republican Party,” The New York Times reports.

But according to Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, any network that does air the hearings are guilty of much more than trying to generate ratings from their viewer base.

“It plays into what the the January 6 committee and the Democrats are doing,” Greene said during an appearance on Real America’s Voice this Wednesday. “They’re wanting to create a great big lie for Americans and the media is going along with them, and they’re willing to tell the lie, and that’s what’s going to happen tomorrow on Thursday when they do their big reveal and they begin their public hearings.”

Greene went on to say that the committee’s hearings will be “nothing but a movie.”

“It’s like a fictional movie and one big show,” she said. “That’s why they hired a producer from Hollywood — to make it look real, because it’s not. It’s all fake. And so, shame on them and shame any media company that’s willing to air their lies. I think that’s collusion and I think they should be held accountable as well.”

Sky Palma

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