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Marjorie Taylor Greene on AOC: She has no common sense — she just has a ‘government job’ (They both have the same job)

In her latest video, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continued her seemingly one-sided feud with “Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, saying she accepted her challenge to read “all 14 pages” of the Green New Deal in order to have a debate on the matter on the House floor.

“We’re going to debate … she asked me if I’d even read her 14-page Green New Deal, I said I’ve read some of it,” Greene said, recounting her alleged conversation with Ocasio-Cortez. “She said, ‘Well, when you’ve read all of it, then you can challenge me to a debate. Well, the good news is I’ve read all 14 little pages and I’m very ready to debate her on the House floor.”

“So this is what we’re going to be doing — the date hasn’t been set, but when it is set, I’ll let you know,” Greene continued. “And she better show up. If she chickens out, then she shows exactly who she really is, a scared little girl that is pretty stupid and doesn’t know anything about the economy or economics, and she boasts that she does because she ‘has a degree in economics,’ but she doesn’t have enough common sense to actually be able to produce anything in the real world — she just has a government job.”

As Right Wing Watch points out, they both have the same “government job.” They’re both representatives in Congress.

Watch the video below:

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