Marjorie Taylor Greene on Biden’s clean energy plan: ‘What’s he gonna do when it’s not a windy day?’

During a recent speech, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed President Joe Biden’s energy policies, saying that he’s focusing too much on clean energy solutions instead of bolstering “American oil and gas.”

“Guess what — [Biden] is not propping up American oil and gas, no, he thinks wind turbines,” Greene said.

“I mean, what is he gonna do when it’s not a windy day,” she continued. “Is he gonna stand out there and blow hot air at all the wind turbines?”

According to RawStory, “wind turbines are just one part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce America’s fossil fuel emissions, as the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act also includes significant incentives to build out solar and nuclear energy, as well as a hastening of a transition from gas-powered to electric vehicles.”

Additionally, wind turbines are typically built in areas that are consistently windy, and energy storage technology means that wind turbines can build up energy capacity to deliver power to the grid even during times when there is less wind.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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