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Marjorie Taylor Greene to her supporters: ‘Vote 1, 2, 3 times — whatever’

During an appearance with the Republican Women of Forsythe County Georgia, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sarcastically told her supporters to do the very thing that former President Donald Trump and his supporters have spent the last two years accusing the Democrats of doing.

Standing alongside Greene, GOP congressional candidate Mallory Staples told supporters to “have hope” and “support people like Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

“Get out and vote with you and your 20 closest friends and neighbors in November…”

“Make it 40,” Greene jokingly interjected. “Vote one, two, three times, whatever.”

Whatever the law will allow you to do,” Staples said. “In Georgia, it’s almost anything, you never know.”

Watch the video below:

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