Mark Hamill: Replace Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Carrie Fisher

There’s talk in Hollywood about removing Donald Trump’s star on the city’s storied Walk of Fame, and actor Mark Hamill has an idea about a potential replacement.

On Monday night, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously that Trump’s star should be permanently removed. Since Trump became president, the star has been repeatedly vandalized and completely destroyed twice.

The resolution voted on by the council listed numerous reasons for the proposed removal. As The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, the reasons included “the separation of children from their parents at the border, the denial of the impacts from climate change on the word, Trump’s treatment of transgendered individuals and the denial of findings from the intelligence community of Russian interference in the 2016 election,” among others.

The council also pointed out in the resolution that the Walk of Fame is still the “property of the City of Los Angeles” and that the city has the “ultimate responsibility for the condition and maintenance of the Walk of Fame.”

Now that the council has voted to bring the matter up with the city, it’s anyone’s guess what the ultimate decision will be. But Hamill is hopeful.

A frequent critic of the President and his policies, Hamill jumped at the idea of having Trump’s star removed. In a tweet this Monday, he offered a suggestion of who should take Trump’s place.

“How about replacing it with someone who really earned it?” Hamill tweeted. “Like @carrieffisher.”

As beloved as the late Carrie Fisher is, it’s no surprise that Hamill’s idea was a hit. As of this writing, the tweet has been liked and retweeted over 125,000 times.

Hamill got his own star on the Walk of Fame star in March, but Fisher, who died in December of 2016 at the age of 60, has yet to receive such an honor.

While it’s still questionable if Trump’s star will be removed, it’s important to remember that all things are possible with The Force.

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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