Mark O’Mara quits, gives parting advice to George Zimmerman: ‘Pay me’

Just days after announcing that he had accepted a job as a legal analyst on CNN, Mark O’Mara has stepped down as George Zimmerman’s attorney.

O’Mara made the announcement one day after Shellie Zimmerman called 911 claiming that her now-estranged husband was threatening her and her father with a gun. Police say they are still investigating the incident and that both George and Shellie could eventually face charges.  

Police also said that video of the incident was captured on Shellie Zimmerman’s iPad, which was smashed to pieces, and that they are trying to retrieve the video to get a clearer picture of what happened.

During a press conference on Monday, O’Mara was visibly annoyed at the recent events surrounding his former client. When asked if he had any parting advice for Zimmerman, he said, “Pay me.”

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