Massive brawl erupts between two families at Disney World over who gets to take pic in front of Disney sign first

A brawl broke out at the “Happiest Place on Earth” between two families during an argument over who could take a photo first in front of the Orlando park’s 100th anniversary sign, the New York Post reported.

The video shows a group of people throwing punches at each other as one man falls to the ground. Reports say the argument began after one family asked the other to move. According to police, one of the family members who was asked to move punched a member of the other family in the face.

Eventually, a security officer arrives on the scene and breaks up the fight. The man on the ground can be seen struggling to get up. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, at least one person received medical treatment at the scene but declined to press charges

Watch the video below:

Two families fighting over who gets to take a picture in front of the Disney garden first
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The original version of this article incorrectly stated the incident happened at Disneyland in California. The brawl happened at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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