Matt Gaetz cut interview short because he wanted to observe Good Friday

Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz is facing mounting calls to resign after it was revealed that he’s under federal investigation for possible sex crimes in a New York Times article that was published this week.

Even though Gaetz has denied the allegations, calls for him to resign continue to mount. When asked by the Wall Street Journal this Friday if he would resign, Gaetz wasn’t having any of it.

“Of course not,” Gaetz replied.

When the Journal pressed him for more, Gaetz, who’s been accused of sexual relations with a minor who he trafficked across state lines, along with other allegations that include an orgy with prostitutes and “sexual conquest” games with other lawmakers, said he didn’t want to say more because it was Good Friday.

“His political brethren are already jockeying to take his seat,” former Florida Rep. David Jolly told the Journal. “They’re not insulating him—they’re already assuming that Matt’s political career is over.”

“These scandals hit a certain point where there’s no escape,” Jolly said. “We’ve clearly hit that point for Matt in Florida politics.”

Sky Palma

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