Matt Gaetz slams Kevin McCarthy: ‘He’s been reckless and unhinged and misogynist’

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took aim at Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), calling him “unhinged” and accusing him of being misogynistic, The Hill reported.

Gaetz made the comments during an appearance on Newsmax’s The Balance this Tuesday, criticizing the Speaker’s response to recent criticism from Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN).

“And this is also a pattern, Eric, because when I was critical of Kevin’s leadership, ‘Oh, I’m just an ethically challenged congressman.’ But then when Victoria Spartz, a congresswoman from Indiana, came forward and said ‘No, I too agree. I agree with Matt Gaetz that it’s Kevin McCarthy who failed us.’ Well then he said, ‘Well, she’s just a quitter,’” Gaetz told host Eric Bolling.

“Now this is a woman who said that she was going to be returning to her family because they needed her and Kevin called her a quitter,” he continued. “Meanwhile, when a man in Congress actually left in the middle of his term, Chris Stewart, Kevin McCarthy didn’t call him a quitter. So he’s been reckless and unhinged and rattled and misogynist in how he’s attacked those who are making a substantive argument.”

From The Hill:

Spartz called McCarthy a “weak Speaker” Monday as he faces a divided GOP conference unwilling to fully back a continuing resolution proposal. In response to these comments, McCarthy said if Spartz, who is not running for reelection in 2024, “is concerned about fighting stronger, I wish she would’ve run again and not quit.”

“I mean, I’m not quitting; I’m gonna continue to work for the American public,” McCarthy added.

A spokesperson for Spartz said while McCarthy’s response to her criticism was “neither helpful nor appreciated,” she will not be put off by his remarks.

“The Congresswoman has been working hard for many years to raise two children, establish a successful business and serve fellow Americans. Statements which were not very well thought through such as those made by the Speaker are neither helpful nor appreciated. However, the Congresswoman does not get offended easily and will continue to fight for our Republic,” the spokesperson told The Hill.

Sky Palma

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