Matt Gaetz tells Steve Bannon Republicans should be ready to ‘shut down the government’ after the midterms

Speaking to Steve Bannon on his War Room: Pandemic show, Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz said that when Republicans win the midterms, their priorities should be investigating Democrats.

“We are in a battle and we have to open up every vector of attack on a corrupt administration that is punishing the American people out of these virtue signals to wokeism,” Gaetz told Bannon. “And so I say we need to have a much stronger fighting spirit with our existing Republicans and I need the War Room posse to help me activate that the Republicans understand that their mandate in this election is not to go hold hands in the warm spring rain with the Democrats, it is to investigate them and hold them accountable, and we can do that without the Senate and without the White House, and that’s why it should be investigations first — policy, bill making to support the lobbyists and the PACs as a far-diminished priority.”

Later in the segment, Gaetz said that if Republicans are not willing to “shut down the government to keep our promises to the American people,” then Republicans are “not a fighting force.”

“So yes, from the Post Office to Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to revitalize the ministry of truth,” Gaetz said. “I believe we should not fund elements of the government that are weaponized against our people.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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