Matt Gaetz: Trump supporters could resort to ‘bloodshed’ if Trump is kept off the ballot

During an appearance on the Driveway Liberty Podcast, Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz said he fears violence may break out if Donald Trump is kept off the 2024 presidential ballot, RawStory reported.

“It turns out they’ll let anybody have these jobs who gets the most votes,” Gaetz said. “Well, you know, and now they’re trying to change that. Like what we were talking about earlier with, you know, with secretaries of state trying to decide certain, you know, Trump can’t even be on the ballot.”

“I really worry that that type of action could lead to violence,” Gaetz agreed. “And I am so wildly opposed to violence. I don’t think it’s how we should resolve our disputes.”

“But when you start telling people that they can’t express their participation in this American experience through a vote, then they start looking for other ways, and they’re not, the vote is the best way to do it,” he continued. “The other ways are not so good. And I worry if they start to take the vote away, you could see bloodshed in this country. Like none of us want.”

Listen to the audio here.

Sky Palma

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