Maxine Waters to Trump: ‘I’m coming for your tax returns’

During a speech at an MLK event this past Friday, Maxine Waters (D-CA) sent a direct message to President Trump, warning him that she and her fellow Democrats are coming for his tax returns.

“So Mr. Trump, you can call me what you want. You can try and interfere with my life in any way that you can. You’ve got the crazies out there who threaten to kill me, and what I’ve said to them ‘if you shoot, you better shoot straight,'” Waters said at the 33rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Statewide Celebration at Harris-Stowe State University.

“I’m not backing down from this fight. I’m not backing down from the fact that we have contributed so much to this democracy,” she continued.

Waters went on to say that she wouldn’t let Trump stand by when he’s “done nothing but steal and lie and undermine” while men and women who’ve fought for this country “came home and didn’t have a place to live, didn’t have a job,” but still managed to express their patriotism.

“We’re gonna get your tax returns,” Waters declared. “We’re gonna find out where your money has come from, the way that you have cheated the IRS.”

Candidates for the presidency aren’t required by law to reveal their tax returns, but they almost always do as a gesture of personal transparency. Trump so far has resisted handing over his tax returns for review.

Trump claims that his lawyers have advised him to withhold his returns because they are allegedly still being audited by the IRS — an audit that has supposedly been going on since 2004.

As Fortune points out, other excuses Trump has used to keep his returns under wraps include the claim that there’s “nothing to learn” form them and that they are “extremely complex” so people “wouldn’t understand them.” He’s also assumed that the American people “don’t care” what’s in them.

Waters and Trump have a history of trading insults. Trump has referred to her as a “low IQ person,” while just last month she tweeted that Trump “is a disgusting liar” and it’s “past time” for his impeachment.

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