McDonald’s customer horrified to find raw meat in his hamburger

An Australian McDonald’s customer said they found uncooked meat in their hamburger, prompting them to warn others to check their patties before biting into their burgers, The New York Post reported.

“Check your burgers before you eat if you’re buying from Woodbine Maccas [McDonald’s] tonight,” the man wrote in a post to Facebook Monday evening.

“Just got home and bit into this,” the man said.

The post blew up on Facebook and got quite a bit of attention, with commenters chiming in and sharing their revulsion over the pics of uncooked meat within the burger.

The man said he tried to call the specific restaurant to alert them about the uncooked meat, but couldn’t reach anyone.

Responding to the man, McDonald’s told an Australian news outlet that the company takes “food safety and quality very seriously.”

“We follow strict processes and procedures to ensure the quality of our food,” McDonald’s said in a statement. “We are working with the restaurant to investigate this further.”

Sky Palma

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