Megachurch pastor’s wife: Face masks are being used by Satan to ‘shut the mouths of Christians’

Pastor Greg Fairrington of California’s Destiny Church has been an outspoken voice against lockdown measures meant to stem the spread of coronavirus.

According to him, church closures across the nation were not really about containing the pandemic, they were more about persecuting Christians. His wife, Kathy Fairrington, took that notion a step further and suggested that face masks are being used as a tool to keep Christians in line with the government’s bidding.

“I have seen the tears in your eyes at how essential walking into the church doors, fellowship with one another, encouragement of one another, hope with one another, because isolation is a tool of war,” she said during a service this Sunday.

“That is a tool of the enemy of war,” she continued. And covering your mouth, that is what the enemy wants to do, that’s what government wants to do now. [Satan] wants to shut the mouths of Christians, of believers — and it is more important that ever that the church learn to use their mouth to proclaim things into the air, to proclaim things into the atmosphere to defeat the enemy.”

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