Melania Trump’s claim that she has a degree in ‘design and architecture’ turns out to be false

First Lady hopeful Melania Trump is baking under the media spotlight after it was revealed that portions of her speech were plagiarized from a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama. Now, it turns out that the Trump campaign has damaged her credibility even further.

As a report from POLITICO points out, a bio of Melania appearing on an RNC schedule claims that she received “a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia,” also chronicling the start of her modeling career in 1988 and when she moved to New York in 1996. The date she received her alleged degree is never mentioned.

Melania’s website also mentions her degree.

“At the age of eighteen, she signed with a modeling agency in Milan,” the bio on her website states. “After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan…”

From the New York Times:

Melania’s entire family sensed potential in her modeling. After high school, she concentrated on her career, dropping out of architecture school. (She still claims on her website to have graduated.

From The New Yorker:

Her Web site states that she obtained a degree in architecture and design from the University of Ljubljana when in fact she dropped out in her first year.

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Lying about one’s past and plagiarism are two things that are easily detected, especially in this day and age. So it’s baffling as to why the Trump campaign would allow their potential First Lady to be this vulnerable to scrutiny.

It’s a level of incompetence that belongs nowhere near the Oval Office.


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