Members resign en masse after Mormon Church says it won’t baptize kids of LGBT couples

Members of the Mormon religion are threatening to leave the church over last week’s decree that LDS children of same-sex couples may not be baptized or blessed until they are 18-years-old and formally denounce their parents to church officials.

Over 1,000 Mormons in the Salt Lake City area have signed up for a Facebook event that plans on marching around the Church’s Temple Square on Saturday while sending their mail-in resignations.

“It is impossible for me to be a part of a religion that would attack its own members and punish them by denying their children involvement in the church,” said Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and member of the LDS Church.

“The move is as clever as it is draconian. Members seeking to live lives of integrity as openly LGBT people must not only leave the church, but take their children with them. It requires a particular streak of evil genius to manufacture such a ‘Sophie’s choice.'”

However, some of those who plan on participating in the event have expressed on the posting legitimate fears and concerns apostatizing from their childhood church.

“I feel really torn on this. And I know I’ll get backlash. It’s just a really scary and final thing, ya know? If anyone has any words of comfort or encouragement, throw them my way,” said LSD member Brittney Shields. “This decision is sorta scary for me.”

Social media channels lit up following the leaked decree, which prompted church officials to issue a 10 minute video defending the decree by claiming the policy was enacted to protect children.

“There will be fourteen hundred people who won’t be on the record, coming in the next 5 to 15 days, just from my end,” said Utah attorney Mark Naugle who offered his services for Mormons who wish to resign from the church. I’m also attending a mass resignation event on Saturday, they’re starting at City Creek Park, and I’ll be going there with blank forms for everyone to fill out.”

Watch a local news report on the story below:

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