MI city council candidate who wants to ‘keep Maryville white’ talks about race mixing: ‘It’s against the bible’

MARYSVILLE, MICHIGAN — Despite being on the receiving end of a huge wave of backlash in the wake of her racist comments, Marysville City Council candidate Jean Cramer says she doesn’t plan to drop out of the race as many people have called for her to do.

During a forum this Thursday, Cramer was posed a question about bringing more diversity to the city of Marysville, which is 95 percent white.

“My suggestion, recommendation: Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible,” she said.

“Seriously, in other words no foreign-born, no foreign people because of what, in our past, we’ve experienced it’s better to have … simply American-born,” she continued. “Put it that way and no foreigners. No.”

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Cramer doubled down on her comments.

“We like Marysville the way it is,” she said. “But as far as having a black couple moving in, we have no problem with that. but where it’s wrong is when you have … a white wife and a black husband together, that’s wrong, and vice versa.”

When a reporter pressed her on why she thinks a mixed marriage is wrong, Cramer replied that it’s “simply against the bible.”

“God created Adam and Eve,” she continued. “Same kind, same race all round and that’s how he wants — he’s our example, right there.”

When asked why she doesn’t like foreigners, Cramer said that the right question is, “Why are they here in the first place? What’s wrong with their own country?”

“That’s my question: What is wrong with their own country?” she said. “All of a sudden they’re coming here for safety or whatever.”

Watch her exchange with reporters in the video below, via WXYZ-TV:


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