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Michael Flynn: The word ‘creator’ appears in the Constitution 4 times (it appears 0 times)

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and former national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, spoke at a campaign rally this Saturday for pro-Trump pastor and Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer in Oklahoma. During his appearance, Flynn claimed that the U.S. Constitution contains the word “creator” not once, but four times — a claim that as Right Wing Watch points out, is false.

“Democracy is always a fragile type,” Flynn said. “You read the Federalist Papers, you read [the Founder’s] writings—because this is all about the people that we’re talking about tonight running for office, and others that are out there—you read all these things, you study the history of this country, you study how it was founded. That’s why the word ‘Creator’ is in the Constitution four times. ‘We are endowed by our Creator.’”

Nowhere in the Constitution does the word “creator” appear. Flynn may be thinking about the Declaration of Independence, which declares that people’s “certain unalienable rights” are “endowed by their Creator.”

“When you go home, look at the Bill of Rights and lay the Ten Commandments right down next to them,” Flynn continued. “Put them right next to each other, and you’ll get a sense of how they developed the Bill of Rights. The rights that the Creator gave us. These are God-given rights; these are not man-given rights.”

Watch the video below:

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