Michael Savage on Trump’s broken promises: ‘I’m waking up to a nightmare’

This Tuesday, conservative radio host Michael Savage voiced his disappointment over Donald Trump‘s walking back on certain campaign promises, pointing to Trump’s recent meetings with Kanye West, Al Gore, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

After wondering why Trump would meet with a “rapper psycho” like West, Savage took a call from a listener who was upset with Trump’s after-the-election persona.

“I think as badly of it as I think of a lot of the things he’s doing,” the caller said, referring to Obama. “Talking about, you know, Obama and how he agrees with Obama on so many things. When he was running for president, he didn’t agree with Obama on nothing; neither did I, neither did you, neither did any of the people voting for him, and now he talks about how he has great respect for him and he’s calling him for his opinion — and to invite this rapper up to Trump Tower… had he told us he was gonna do these things, do you think this movement would have been as big as it was? I don’t think so.”

“I think you made a very good point,” Savage replied. “And I don’t think you’re alone.”

Trump, who was a frequent guest on Savage’s show, has seemingly softened on some of his campaign rhetoric, signaling that he has an “open mind” on climate change along with his suggestion that he won’t seek a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Savage also was disappointed in Trump’s appointments of establishment Republicans to administration. He also is upset with conservatives to are walking back Trump’s rhetoric for him, saying that when he promised to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, that he wasn’t talking about a literal wall.

“I’m waking up and it seems to be a nightmare,” Savage said. “One day after another, they seem to be tilting so far away from what they promised that it’s hard to even remember what it is that he promised.”

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

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