Michele Bachmann 4 days ago: Tensions between Russian and Ukraine are ‘fake’

As intelligence reports were being shared by the media earlier this week indicating that Russian military forces were building up on Ukraine’s border, a whole litany of right-wing (and left-wing) commentators insisted that the tensions were being overblown by the media and Russian President Vladimir Putin was just bluffing.

That line of thought produced quite a takes that aged horribly, among them Michele Bachmann‘s, who said this on Sunday night:

“This smelled like the biggest fake I had ever seen from the very beginning,” Bachmann said in Zoom call. “When the news media got their little talking points and they had to start talking about this, it all sounded fake. And now we’re finding that everybody folded their cards, they’re gonna go home — that’s not a war, this is a fake.”

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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