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Michele Bachmann: African Americans ‘had the best life they ever had’ under Trump

During a recent interview, former Minnesota GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann lamented the “culture of wickedness” and all-round “pure evil” that’s “coming out of the Biden administration.”

But Bachmann wants you to know she’s not saying that “in a partisan sense.”

“We were literally having our greatest days under Donald Trump … African Americans had the best life they ever had economically, the same with Hispanics under Donald Trump,” she declared.

“We are broken in way that could take decades to build back,” she continued. “But if you look at what the Biden administration’s goals are, they could care less that people are broke, sick, can’t get what they need — instead what they’re doing is continuing to run as fast as they can through the tape to destroy the United States of America before the midterms because they know they have full power now though November, so they’re putting every wicked policy in place that they can take us down and put us in a place of enslavement.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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