Michele Bachmann: Don’t worry — ‘God has already sealed the election results in Heaven’

Speaking on Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel election night special, former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann tried to calm nervous Trump supporters, reassuring them that God “has sealed this election in the heavenlies, and we are going to be rejoicing very soon.”

“Satan wants to intervene with God’s plans, and he has a certain amount of authority on this Earth. But we as believers have greater authority because the scripture says, ‘Greater is He who is in us than he is in the world.’ So that’s why we can stand on this scripture. We can stand and say, No. 1, ‘Devil, you will not snatch out of God’s hand what he is holding in his hand, because he is God from eternity to eternity,'” Bachmann said.

She then said a prayer.

“Father, we thank you that you have sealed this election,” Bachmann prayed. “We thank you that you are working according to your purposes. And Father, we declare mercy over the United States, mercy in this election, and we shout mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy over this, to seal this in your name and in your love. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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