Michele Bachmann: Hate crime hotline will cause people to ‘rat on their fellow man’

In her latest appearance on Jan Markell’s “Understanding the Times” radio show, former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann took a moment to label a hotline set up by the city of Minneapolis for reporting hate crimes as “fascist.”

According to Right Wing Watch, the hotline was created to allow residents to report “any crime against a person or property motivated by prejudice against someone’s race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or gender identity. This includes prejudice-motivated property damage (including graffiti), stalking and assault.” But according to Bachmann, it’s just another attempt by liberals to stifle criticism of Islam.

“What we’re seeing is that hotlines are being set up by units of government for the purpose of encouraging people to call in and rat on their fellow man to report a hate crime,” Bachmann said.

“What they’re trying to do is implement anti-blasphemy laws,” she added. “They’re trying to implement Islamic Sharia law locally in order to quiet churches and quiet anybody who would talk about what the truth is about Islam.”

“What they want is civilization jihad. They want jihad through the court system to silence speech because when you take away someone’s speech rights to speak out—like we’re doing right now, to tell the truth about something—then it’s game over.”

“There should be a lawsuit filed against the city of Minneapolis for doing this,” Bachmann continued. “They have violated the so-called separation of church and state that the left is so in love with because they’re preferring Islam over any other religion and, number two, they’re fascists. That’s what they are, they’re fascists; they want to shut down your right to free speech.”

Listed to her comments below, via RWW:

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