Michele Bachmann: Jan 6 was ‘one of the happiest days — like a family reunion’

Speaking at a Family Research Council town hall this Wednesday, former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann said that Jan. 6, 2021 was actually a peaceful day, and the riot at the U.S. Capitol building by a mob of Trump supporters was actually a scheme (she’s not specific as to who orchestrated the scheme) to “rebrand” Trump supporters as violent terrorists.

“I was actually at the Capitol on January 6,” Bachmann said. “I was there with a group of believers, we were praying — we were just out on the lawn, we were praying that day.”

According to Bachmann, before the riot broke out, it was “probably one of the happiest days.”

“It was like a family reunion, it was like a picnic,” she continued. “The people were so happy. It wasn’t angry, it wasn’t violent, it wasn’t any of those things. And I remember distinctly thinking when I was there that this was planned, that this was insurgents.”

From Right Wing Watch:

Bachman is an ardent election denialist who, like Trump, has refused to accept his defeat. On Election Day 2020, she had assured viewers of Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Network that “the Lord, our God, has sealed this election in the heavenlies and we are going to be rejoicing very soon.” Weeks after the election, she screamed that her vote had been “stolen” on election night, “when Satan was snatching away from America rule by the consent of the governed.” In April 2021, she responded to President Biden’s first State of the Union Speech by saying, “We had a fake election. We’ve had a fake presidency. This is a fake State of the Union address.”

Later in her talk, Bachmann called the riot a “rebranding exercise to label [then-President Trump] himself a terrorist or an insurrectionist.”

“It was meant to label his followers or supporters as insurrectionists and the Make American Great Again agenda as a terrorist agenda.”

Watch the video below:


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