Michele Bachmann: Liberals want a ‘borderless’ world and are bringing the Antichrist

In a radio appearance on Understanding the Times with Jan Markell, former GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann framed the current state of politics in apocalyptic terms, saying the left’s political agenda will likely usher in the Antichrist.

“It’s always been the same,” Bachmann said. “There’s always been two competing ideologies: one that wants to follow the truth of the Lord God and then those who want to rebel agains the Creator God.

According to Bachmann, the liberal opposition to President Trump are kind of like the biblical folks who built the Tower of Babel, rebelling against God to create a “manmade, one-world system. And scripture tells us that in the End Times, that is what Antichrist will be, he will be a part of a one-world system.”

“We have people like that today, in our own day, who actually want a borderless world with a one-world system… There are people who reject Judeo-Christian truth and instead want to insert and usurp control of all of our lives with a global, economic and political government,” she said.

Bachmann’s comments are part of a growing trend within Christian media where program hosts and commentators use bible prophecy to excoriate people opposed to Trump. Earlier this week, televangelist Jim Bakker warned that liberal opposition to Trump is a sign of the “last days.” In an appearance with Bakker, Christian activist Mary Colbert declared that people who opposed Trump in the 2016 election are destined to have their “children and their children’s children” cursed by God.

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

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