Michele Bachmann wanted a sign from God before running for Senate. God answered

This past December, former congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared with televangelist and biblical doomsday prepper Jim Bakker and told him that she’s mulling over a possible run for Al Franken’s Senate seat in Minnesota — that is, of course, if God approves.

“The only reason I would run is for the ability to take these principles into the United States senate, and be able to advocate for these principles,” Bachmann told Bakker. “The question is, should it be me, should it be now — but there’s a price you pay, and the price is bigger than ever because the swamp is so toxic.”

According to a billboard that popped up in St. Paul this Thursday, God’s answer is “No.”

The billboard was paid for by The Good Lord Above, a satirical website that “offers responses to comments made by GOP supporters on social media.”

“Michele Bachmann is thinking about running for Senate in Minnesota. She has been praying on it. Let’s give her an answer from God! That answer is NO,” The Good Lord Above said in its fundraising statement, in which it was able to raise $7,000 for the billboard.

If Bachmann were to run, her opponent would be former Minnesota Lt. Governor Tina Smith, who was appointed to replace Franken after he resigned but has decided to also pursue the seat for a term of her own.

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Sky Palma

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