Michele Bachmann — who advised against vaccines — refuses to appear on camera because she’s ‘struggling with covid’

During an appearance on a recent “prayer call,” former Minnesota GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann said she didn’t want to appear on camera since she was experiencing the ravages of Covid — ironically after she was asked to give her thoughts on what’s happened so far with the “plandemic, utilization of Covid, for control, for the Great Reset to crash our economy…”

When the floor was handed over to Bachmann, she said “I can’t have my camera on tonight.”

“I’ve been struggling with Covid pretty severely lately, and I’m just not suitable for camera,” Bachmann said.

As Right Wing Watch points out, Bachmann advised against vaccinations children for Covid back in November of last year.

“Children have almost a zero rate of dying from Covid,” Bachmann said in November. “So this is not a problem.

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Sky Palma

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