Michelle Malkin: ‘Immigrant IQ Deficit That Appears to Persist Among Hispanic Immigrants’ Should be Studied

In the wake of the Heritage Foundation immigration study scandal and the ensuing resignation of the study’s controversial co-author Jason Richwine, several conservative voices, including Rush Limbaugh, have defended the previous writings of Richwine; writings which many view to be racist.

Writing in her blog on Thursday, conservative columnist, author, and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin gave what is probably the most straight-forward defense yet of Richwine’s thesis, which claims that immigrant Hispanics possess lower IQs than American citizens.

Malkin sees the rebuke of Richwine to be a form of “character assassination” which stems from a perceived culture of political correctness, rather than a legitimate rejection of pseudo-science based in unsubstantiated racial theories.

In her rather eye-opening defense of Richwine’s work, Malkin claimed that he was simply exploring “the causes of an immigrant IQ deficit that appears to persist among Hispanic immigrants to the U.S. through several generations.”

“The willingness of Republican Gang of 8’ers to allow a young conservative researcher and married father of two to be strung up by the p.c. lynch mob for the crime of unflinching social science research is chilling, sickening, and suicidal,” Malkin wrote. “These are serious people doing serious work. The crucifiers of Jason Richwine pretend to defend sound science. But if it is now inherently racist to study racial and ethnic differences among demographic groups, then it’s time to shut down every social sciences department in the country.”

Malkin has a history of questionable views in regards to race relations and cultural commentary. Many of her views about policy towards Muslim Americans in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks have been seen as bigoted.  In 2004, she wrote a widely criticized book entitled “In Defense of Internment,” which defended the U.S.’s internment of Japanese Americans in relocation camps during WWII, and argued the policy should be considered for Arab Americans as a response to 9/11.

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