Mike Huckabee: Post Office is Democrats’ latest distraction — just like COVID was

During an appearance today on Fox News, former Arkansas governor and current Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee said that “the Democrats are looking for something to distract,” and the controversy over the U.S. Postal Service is their latest ploy.

“It was Russia, you know, it was COVID, now their latest thing is the Post Office,” Huckabee said in video clip flagged by Media Matters.

“The president made it very clear that he is fine with absentee balloting and people mailing in their votes, but not just sending out millions of votes,” Huckabee continued. “You have no idea where they’re going, and if you think that this all works out beautifully, go to the Post Office on any given day when people are picking up their mail, and see how many pieces of unclaimed mail is dropped in the wastebasket.”

Watch the video below:

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