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Mike Lindell: My company will lose $65 million because I claimed Trump won in 2020

Over the last few months, products from the company founded by pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell have been pulled from the shelves of at least 22 retailers. Speaking to Business Insider, Lindell says he expects MyPillow to lose $65 million this year as a result, but that radio and podcast infomercials could make up for the potential losses.

According to Lindell, since more people are home watching TV during the pandemic, the company’s infomercials can reach a broader array of people.

“With our branding, we are just doing stuff that works,” Lindell said.

“One may look at infomercials and think it’s just a sketchy place to sell sketchy advertisements at 3am,” he continued. “However, direct response companies are amongst the most sophisticated advertisers in the world.”

But co-founder and president of Clearbanc, Michele Romanow, told Insider that Lindell’s reliance on informercials to recoup lost revenue has its drawbacks.

“Longer-form content like infomercials is entirely foreign to younger generations of consumers,” Romanow said.

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