Mike Lindell now says Trump will be reinstated on Thanksgiving instead of in August

Speaking to Steve Bannon on his Real America’s Voice show, War Room: Pandemic, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell kicked the can a little further down the road for Donald Trump’s return to the White House, saying he plans to show his “100 percent non-subjective evidence” of mass voter fraud in the 2020 election to the Supreme Court, which will be so overwhelmed by the evidence that they’ll have no choice but to reinstate Trump.

“Originally I had hoped for August and September,” Lindell said. “I asked all the lawyers just yesterday. We are taking this case to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. Now maybe [Fox News] will report that today.”

“You heard it here first because our case is ready,” he continued. “We are bringing it to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. This evidence is 100% non-subjective evidence. The Supreme Court, they’re going to vote 9-nothing to take it in.”

“We will have this before the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. That’s my promise to the people of this country. We’re all in this together. We worked very hard on this.”

Lindell made similar claims to Bannon back in July, saying that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris could resign in August when he reveals his elusive ‘evidence’ of mass voter fraud in the 2020 election.

“Once we have this symposium, how are the pathways of Donald Trump coming back?” Lindell said at the time. “The first one would be, once we have the symposium, by the night of the 12th or the morning of the 13th, if everyone has seen it, including the administration that’s in there now that didn’t win, maybe, you know, Biden and Harris would say, hey, we’re here to protect the country and resign.”

Watch the video below, via RawStory:


Sky Palma

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